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Welcome to capaholic! We are phoenixothon and newsie__nympho and we are your hosts! Smiles everyone, smiles!

I created this community to post quality caps and other to do the same. I would only post in the AWESOME hdtv_caps, but a small amount of my caps are not HD, and I want others to be able to post quality smaller caps as well. Not everyone has terabytes to spare on their hard drive, and smaller files are easier to download.

Please read the rules!
#1 You may LINK TO OTHER JOURNALS, But they must not be friend locked and the zips or .rars are not password protected.

#2 While I prefer to post HD caps myself, I don't want others to be shy about post standard res, or dvd caps.

#3 samples images are limited to 1 behind a lj cut. If they are outside an lj-cut they might make a member's friends page all wonky.

#4 Respect all other members, if you get rude with someone over sharing something, we don't want you here.

#5 Screencaps are only allowed.
Failure to do this will result in post deletion.(also be very mindful of Rule #1 here!)

#6 Comment and credit any screencaps you take from here. A thank you goes a long way.

#7 Trailers are allowed, but a preview must be behind a cut if there are spoilers. You must warn members if there are spoilers, expecially if the movie is coming to theaters or the tv episode hasn't been aired yet.

#8 No porn is allowed here, that includes default icons.

#9 Tag your post asap. The the interwebs is a creepy place, full of creepy trolls, and we don't want them here, nor do I wish a comm that will get potentially large, to be subjected to trolling posts.


#11 I will always be fair and never remove posts because I didn't like your choice of material, or if I think they are better than mine.

#12 Multiple posts of the same episodes and movies are encouraged. The more mirrors we have the more chance people have of finding a working DL on an older post. Variety is the spice of life, and capping it seems.

#13 You may only advertise other screencapping that are personal journals that are not friend locked and have to do with your screencaps. Members know what they are here for, and it's not SPAM.


Use of this link button is encouraged:






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